Thursday, December 18, 2008

Welcome from Pratish..

Hi all,
I am Pratish Gandhi, a native of Pune presently studying Maths and Comp. Science at CMI, Chennai. I won't spend much time introducing myself on this forum because this ain't a personal blog, but a blog with a mission.

The articles here shall be serious,thought provoking (hopefully!) and will be aimed at exchanging ideas,views and in general, establishing a national consensus on issues related to our democracy. This entire exercise should generate an unstoppable momentum; a voice which will be the voice of the common people like you and me; something which would have to be taken note of by the political class of India. If you're very keen on knowing about me and my life, visit this personal blog of mine -

Now enough of my personal advertisement [;)]. Let's get started. I welcome you all to this forum. I request you all to actively contribute. At the same time, I also sincerely hope that people will respect each other's views and not get into accusations and personal taunts the way I get to see in the comments' section of popular websites like Youtube.

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