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Election Promise Tracker--Can It be the game changer in holding the government more accountable?

Election Promise Tracker


Election Promises Tracker is an initiative by a group of people connected by their love for democracy. It tracks the performance of the governments against their promises across all fields like education, health, economy and governance. Our report cards are purely facts and research driven without any opinion or ideology. We also fact-check the claims of the politicians, media and governments and call out each time they lie to the people.  

Check the Tally!

On 18th May 2017, we launched our report detailing out the performance of 3 Years Of Modi Government against the 126 promises that it made. We have done research spanning into more than 20,000 pages and hence the report is quite rigorous. Please click on the promises here to read them in details.  Here is a brief snapshot:

How Can You Contribute?

  • Dial For Democracy: This Sunday (4th June),  call your Member of Parliament (MP) to talk about issue that is closest to your heart and where the BJP government hasn’t done well. Tell your MP that it is important to you and what you expect of them in this regard. Assert your authority over your Members of Parliament. Calling Campaigns have proven very powerful in advanced democracies. Call on 9810374846/ 9650604650 for further details.
  • Be A Super Khoji: Cynically investigate our claims and facts. Go ahead and find an error. We will not only rectify our mistake, but also apologize for it and publicly acknowledge your contribution towards upholding truth and keeping us accountable. Be a Super-Khoji!
  • Volunteering: Election Promises Tracker is entirely volunteer driven. Join our shared love for democracy and accountable governance. Volunteer with us for research, graphic design, video-editing, or sketching. You can even start a promise tracker for your own state government or municipal corporation too. Write for any ideas or volunteering. 
  • Spread: Do share our initiative in your networks of colleges, organisations, and academia and connect us to journalists, RTI activists or like-minded individuals! Pretty Please?

Election Promises Tracker In Media

  • Newslaundry: On 26th May 2017, Newslaundry published 3 Years of Modi Government Report Card using our research and findings. You can check the info-graphic presentation here.
  • CatchNews: On 23rd May 2017, the online publication wrote a news report about the performance of the Central Government against its 126 promises quoting our study. You can read the news report here.
  • The Logical Indian: The Facebook page with more than 5 Million likes has been at the forefront of highlighting the good work done by several organisations, individuals, and the government. The page has also highlighted many policy issues to better educate everyone. They covered our initiative. Do check our coverage here.

Related Articles & Blog

1.  Robin Keshaw, the Founding Member of the initiative incisively tracks the performance of Modi government with regard to health sector. You can read his sharp analysis here. 
“Around 6.2 crore people are pushed below poverty line due to high health spending….. Nearly 48% of the overnight trips made by people from rural India (25% in urban area) are for medical purposes……Modi government opened 1300 centres for generic medicines at affordable prices.”
2. Anurag Kundu, the Founder, has quite insightfully highlighted the performance of the government with regard to law and justice, transparency and investigation agencies. Please read the article here.
“10 per cent judges’ posts are lying vacant in the Supreme Court, 41 per cent in high courts and 20 per cent in district and sub-courts….Nearly 3.5 lakh cases have been settled by means of arbitration, reconciliation and Lok Adalats and nearly 11 lakh pre-litigation matters have been resolved since Modi government has come to power.”


Arijit Das writes, “This is something that can really help to point out the characters of politicians who often try to look smart in short term. Promises are really not meant to be broken.” 
This is what Muktinath Vishwakarma has to say- “In a democratic country, there should be some institution like this present, which makes government to remember their promises. Great start, hope you continue good work.”

Next Governments under Scrutiny:

Government of Himachal Pradesh, Government of Delhi and Government of Gujarat. 


Stay tuned!

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